Cristal (L)

Color: Cristal (L)
Finish: White Lami (O)

Cristal will exhibit a light yellow-green hue which is darker at the edge. This drawn glass may exhibit irregularities and imperfections due to the manufacturing process of the raw material. Cristal is not offered on Countersink products.

White lamination creates a translucent finish for under-lighting and allows glass to be attached with adhesive to counter, vanities and Vitraform Pullman Pedestals. Refer to the Color & Finish guide for recommended use on individual products.

Glass ColorPolished
Clear (C)      
Starphire (S)      
Cristal (L)       
Cristal Antique (Q)           
Solex (X)      
Azurlite (A)      
Blue (B)      
Cobalt (T)        
Grey (G)      
Black (K)          
Bronze (Z)      
Peach (P)