The Vitraform Story

Vitraform glass sinks grace the most elegant homes, businesses and hotels worldwide. The extraordinary success of the company is offset by the down-to-earth attitude of the designers and owners, husband and wife team Jerry and Sheila Fein. Both attended the University of Colorado as fine arts majors in the early 1970's. In 1976, Jerry founded Cherry Creek Enterprises, a company specializing in O.E.M. manufacturing and custom leaded and beveled glass, while Sheila worked as an interior designer. Sheila then joined Cherry Creek Enterprises in 1981.

While remodeling their own bathroom in 1988, Jerry was struck by the extremely limited variety of materials available for sinks. The couple decided to combine Sheila's artistic vision with Jerry's unparalleled ingenuity and experience working with glass, and set out to design the first glass sink. Their intent was to create a glass sink that was not only pleasing to the eye, but also resilient enough to sustain normal, daily use in both residential and commercial applications. Jerry developed a proprietary process for a double-layer laminated sink that ensured durability. The resulting product remains unsurpassed in terms of strength and quality in the face of ever-increasing competition.

In 1991, very early in Vitraform's history, the sinks were nominated for Interior Design Magazine's prestigious Roscoe Award, which catapulted the small, new division of Cherry Creek Enterprises into the design spotlight in the US and abroad. Soon, Vitraform was contracting large-scale international hospitality projects such as the Grand Hyatt Shanghai and the Westin Singapore. The line has been in high demand ever since.

Vitraform now offers a wide range of basin styles and sizes in an array of colors and finishes. Hand-engraved patterns as well as a wide range of hardware for different types of installations are included in the line. New products are continuously added as the company strives to maintain its edge in the industry. Even with the high demand for its sinks, and a greater influx of large commercial and hospitality projects, Vitraform has remained a small company in spirit. All products are still manufactured in the original factory in Denver under the direct supervision of the Feins, thus guaranteeing ultimate quality. The sinks are sold only through a select group of dealers worldwide, ensuring the utmost in service and product knowledge.