Vitraform Specifications & Instructions

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Sections 1 through 8 are organized by product line and include Color & Finish Guides, Specification pages, Installation pages and Worksheets for each product. See Section C for information on lighting, ordering and shipping.

1.0 Standard Basin 
Color & Finish Guide1.1.1-2
100 Round Basin with Overflow Undermount1.1.3
100 Round Basin no Overflow Undermount1.1.4
101 Round Basin with Overflow Drop-in1.1.5
101 Round Basin no Overflow Drop-in1.1.6
150 Oval Basin with Overflow Undermount1.1.7
150 Oval Basin no Overflow Undermount1.1.8
151 Oval Basin with Overflow Drop-in Gasket1.1.9
151 Oval Basin no Overflow Drop-in Gasket1.1.10
170 Rectangular Basin with Overflow Undermount1.1.11
170 Rectangular Basin no Overflow Undermount1.1.12
171 Rectangular Basin with Overflow Drop-in1.1.13
171 Rectangular Basin no Overflow Drop-in1.1.14
140 Small Rectangular Basin with Overflow Undermount1.1.15
140 Small Rectangular Basin no Overflow Undermount1.1.16
141 Small Rectangular Basin with Overflow Drop-in1.1.17
141 Small Rectangular Basin no Overflow Drop-in1.1.18
130 Mini Rectangular Basin with Overflow Undermount1.1.19
131 Mini Rectangular Basin no Overflow Drop-in1.1.21
131 Mini Rectangular Basin no Overflow Undermount1.1.20
Rough-in Specifications for all Standard Basins1.1.a
Undermount Installation for all Standard Basins1.1.b
Drop-in Installation for Basin 101,131, 141, 151,1711.1.c
ADA Installation Guidelines for Basin 100, 1501.1.d
ADA Installation Guidelines for Basin 101, 1511.1.e
ADA Installation Guidelines for Basin 130, 131, 140, 141, 170, 1711.1.f
2.0 Rimless Undermount 
Color & Finish Guide2.1.1
203 Small Round Rimless Undermount with Overflow2.1.2
203 Small Round Rimless Undermount no Overflow2.1.3
213 Large Round Rimless Undermount with Overflow2.1.4
213 Large Round Rimless Undermount no Overflow2.1.5
253 Small Oval Rimless Undermount with Overflow2.1.6
253 Small Oval Rimless Undermount no Overflow2.1.7
263 Large Oval Rimless Undermount with Overflow2.1.8
263 Large Oval Rimless Undermount no Overflow2.1.9
Rough-in Specifications for all Rimless Basins2.1.a
Installation Instructions for all Rimless Basins2.1.b
ADA Installation Guidelines for all Rimless Basins2.1.c
3.0 Freestanding Basin 
Color & Finish Guide3.1.1-2
200 Small Round Freestanding Basin3.1.3
210 Large Round Freestanding Basin3.1.4
214 Large Round ADA Freestanding Basin3.1.5
230 Large Round Freestanding Basin with Pencil Edge3.1.6
250 Small Oval Freestanding Basin3.1.7
260 Large Oval Freestanding Basin3.1.8
264 Large Oval ADA Freestanding Basin3.1.9
235 Small Rectangular Freestanding Basin3.1.10
240 Large Rectangular Freestanding Basin3.1.11
Rough-in Specifications for all Freestanding Basins3.1.a
Installation Instructions for all Freestanding Basins3.1.b
ADA Installation Guidelines for Basin 214, 2643.1.c
4.0 Countersink 
Color & Finish Guide4.1.1
300/400 Round Countersink with Overflow4.1.2
300/400 Round Countersink no Overflow4.1.3
300/400 Overview of Standard Sizes for Round Countersinks4.1.4
350/450 Oval Countersink with Overflow4.1.5
350/450 Oval Countersink no Overflow4.1.6
350/450 Overview of Standard Sizes for Oval Countersinks4.1.7
370 Rectangular Countersink with Overflow4.1.8
370 Rectangular Countersink no Overflow4.1.9
370 Overview of Standard Sizes for Rectangular Countersinks4.1.10
340 Small Rectangular Countersink with Overflow4.1.11
340 Small Rectangular Countersink no Overflow4.1.12
Rough-in Specifications for Round and Oval Countersinks4.1.a
Rough-in Specifications for Rectangular Countersinks4.1.b
Countersink Installation Instructions for all Countersinks4.1.c
Handling Instructions4.1.d
ADA Installation Guidelines for Round or Oval Countersinks4.1.e
ADA Installation Guidelines for Rectangular Countersinks4.1.f
Color & Finish Guide4.2.1
Installation Instructions4.2.a
Color & Finish Guide4.3.1
Installation Instructions 4.3.a
5.0 Countertop 
Color & Finish Guide5.1.1
Overview of Standard Sizes for Freestanding Basins5.1.3
Overview of Standard Sizes for Undermount or Drop-in Basins5.1.4
Handling Instructions5.1.a
6.0 Pedestal 
Color & Finish Guide6.1.1
Installation Instructions 6.1.2.a
Installation Instructions 6.1.3.a
Installation Instructions 6.1.4.a
Installation Instructions 6.1.5.a
Installation Instructions6.1.6.a
Worksheet Arabesque, Battuto, Cono, Coppa, Cubetto, Glass Rod6.1.w
Color & Finish Guide6.2.1
Installation Instructions 6.2.2.a-b
7.0 Wood Vanity 
VF1 Oval Vanity 7.1.1
VF2 Oval Vanity 7.1.2
VF3 T Vanity 7.1.3
VF3 Small T Vanity 7.1.4
VF4 G.N. Vanity 7.1.5
VF7 G.N.2 Vanity7.1.6
8.0 Mirror 
Round or Oval Mirror8.1.1
Square or Rectangular8.1.2
Installation Instructions8.1.3
A.0 Colors & Finishes 
Gilded FinishesA.3.1
Wood Vanity FinishesA.4.1
B.0 Hardware 
Grid Strainer SpecificationsB.1.1
Grid Strainer Installation InstructionsB.1.1a
Pivot Drain SpecificationsB.1.2
Pivot Drain Installation InstructionsB.1.2a
Dome Drain Open SpecificationsB.1.3
Dome Drain Open Installation InstructionsB.1.3a
Dome Drain Pop-up SpecificationsB.1.4
Dome Drain Pop-up Installation InstructionsB.1.4a
P Trap SpecificationsB.1.5
Euro-Siphon SpecificationsB.1.6
Drain Collar Specifications for Standard Basin and CountersinkB.1.7
Overflow for Standard Basin and CountersinkB.1.8
Overflow for Rimless Undermount BasinB.1.9
Mono Mount for Freestanding BasinB.2.1
Mono Mount Installation InstructionsB.2.1a
Console Leg SpecificationsB.2.2
Console Leg Installation InstructionsB.2.2a
Rectangular Console Leg SpecificationsB.2.3
Rectangular Console Leg Installation Instructions B.2.3a
Glass Rod Console Leg SpecificationsB.2.4
Glass Rod Console Leg Installation InstructionsB.2.4a
Two-Part Support Leg SpecificationsB.2.5
Two-Part Support Leg Installation InstructionsB.2.5a
Side-Wall Support SpecificationsB.2.6
Side-Wall Support Installation InstructionsB.2.6a
Surface Clip SpecificationsB.2.7
Surface Clip Installation InstructionsB.2.7a
Flush Clip SpecificationsB.2.8
Flush Clip Installation InstructionsB.2.8a
In-Wall Mount for Drywall SpecificationsB.2.9
In-Wall Mount with Towel Bar SpecificationsB.2.10
In-Wall Mount Installation InstructionsB.2.10a-b
In-Wall Mount for Masonry SpecificationsB.2.11
In-Wall Mount for Masonry Installation InstructionsB.2.11a-b
U-Channel SpecificationsB.2.12
U-Channel Installation InstructionsB.2.12a
C.0 Ordering Information 
Lightinginfo 1
Material, Care and Maintenanceinfo 2
Warranty, Claims and Returnsinfo 3
Shippinginfo 4